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I need music help from some fandoms, please!!

Please reply to this post or send me an ask with your favorite fandom-related love song(s). Whether they are from a scene or a soundtrack or just a fan made playlist, I don’t care. I’m asking for anything.

I’m getting married this year and I’m trying to slowly but surely get a song list together, and if they have subtle nods to my favorite fandoms, I think that that would be pretty awesome ;)

So PLEASE HELP! I’m begging!

Blaine’s got the personality of a dork who accidentally grew up handsome but doesn’t know it yet.

Possibly unpopular opinion:

Ryan Murphy should really quit with the running off at the mouth that he’s been doing in regards to Cory and Lea and the glee cast and their personal opinions/info that I’m sure they wouldn’t/don’t want advertised to the world. Honestly… If Cory and Lea weren’t advertising the fact that there was this big intervention staged for him on the set, then obviously they didn’t want it to be made known to everyone and Ryan is just taking it and running with it and saying it again and again and twisting it so that it sounds like HE was Cory’s attempted savior or something in an attempt to gain more viewers/fans for the show.

Also, with the bit he just released about the fact that some cast members didn’t want a memorial episode… Why would he advertise that? Maybe they were honestly having a hard time with the idea of portraying their personal feelings in a very public manner? Maybe they were just devastated? Why spin it so that the world thinks that whomever this cast member is is heartless? Why do that to someone? People mourn in different ways. That’s perfectly fine. Some people are extremely personal about things like that; some people probably felt strange about displaying it. That’s ok. Spinning that to the media so that they’re made out to be rude or cold people? That’s not ok.

So yea… I think that Ryan needs to just stop. It’s starting to disgust me a bit.

All of my fandoms are experiencing losses in the worst ways possible and I freaking hate it.

An exact depiction of my emotions following any news regarding basically all of my fandoms during this hiatus.

An exact depiction of my emotions following any news regarding basically all of my fandoms during this hiatus.

Someone please share with me their favorite fics about any/all of the following couples so that I may read them and enjoy. I am dying for new fics to read:

  • Nick and Jess
  • Schmidt and Cece
  • Tony and Ziva
  • Ron and Hermione
  • Puck and Quinn
  • Finn and Rachel
  • Blaine and Kurt
  • Emma and Neal
  • Emma and Hook
  • Rumble and Belle

Please share?