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GLEE SEASON ONE CHALLENGE | five favourite solos↳ #4 - papa don’t preach
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tags → #quick #puck #quinn #glee #gif 
tags → #quick #puck #quinn #glee 

To everyone who thinks Puck raped Quinn.


So. I’ve never experienced rape/know someone who has, but I just don’t understand how some people think they did. 

I’m not tagging this with every ship on Glee and be annoying and fill up their tag. But even if you don’t ship Quick/think Puck raped Quinn, read it, because i’ve made valid points.

1. If you’re raped, i’m 100% you do not enjoy it.

  • Quinn was moaning and panting during the whole session, therefore meaning she liked it. 

2. You’d try to pull away and leave the person who’s raping you.

  • Quinn pushed him away for two reasons only; because she didn’t think it’s right to cheat on Finn AND because she wanted to know if he had protection. NOT BECAUSE SHE WAS BEING RAPED.

3. Once you’re raped, you’re not nice to the person who did it to you. You most probably would ignore them and/or tell someone you’ve been rapped.

  • Quinn was happy when she was around Puck. They were always smiling and they were always happy around each other. Also, she didn’t tell anyone she was raped/forced to have sex with him.

4. You don’t live with the person who raped you afterwards, it’s common sense, he could rape you again.

  • If Quinn was raped by Puck, she would not live with him. Why? Because it could easily happen again and it continued to happen.

No hero in her sky


As much as Quinn pushed him away, he persisted from the moment he found out she was pregnant.

He didn’t have to. Quinn would have been perfectly happy to have him walk away and let Finn take responsibility. But he’s a family man. He doesn’t want to be like his father.

This isn’t why I ship Quick. But it’s why Puck is my second favorite character.

ITA. This is why Puck is my favorite.
tags → #Quick #Puck #Quinn #glee 
tags → #glee #Puck #Quinn #Quick